Everlasting pen that never stops writing

Quite amazing but true... No cartridges, no refills, no ink; no nothing... And it writes forever! We obtained the exclusive rights to sell an incredible pen. A pen which never stops writing! You won't find it elsewhere or in the shops. We made an exclusive deal with the manufacturer and are very proud to sell it on the internet. The original idea came from Ernst Muller, a German businessman (as you know, entrepreneurs have to sign a load of documents and contracts on a daily basis) who got extremely annoyed with pens that ran out of ink at the most crucial moments. He asked his research and development team to come up with a solution. And they did!

This pen is unique and one of them could be yours! It will write forever! How many times in the past couple of years did you wish you had a pen like that? Remember that embarrassing moment when you had to beg for a pen from a neighbour, a colleague or even worse: the CEO of the company you were preparing a deal with? At last you can get rid of these terrifying moments and have a pen at hand that will write forever. You will never have to change cartridges, fill a pen with ink or buy new ones. Once you have it, you won't be without a good writing pen for ever. We bought 500 (five hundred) of them and don't wait to long to order yours, since stock will soon be running out. The asking price covers the pen, international shipment and a lovely luxurious box (you could also order two and give one to your beloved one). And why not order one for the children as well? This is a gift they will never forget! We accept Paypal and credit card payments and you can pay via bank transfer to make your shopping experience as smooth and comfortable as possible. The pen writes in a blue colour. The most used writing colour in the world. Other colours will follow within a year. This amazing gadget, tool, useful item for daily and unlimited use is yours for a mere 5 (five) Euro, all included. We strongly believe in the quality of this product. Therefore we gladly add an incredible life-long guarantee as follows: upon receipt or after an unlimited period of time the customer has the right to send the pen back and we will refund, without any questions asked, half of the sum you paid. if that isn't an absolute assurance, what is? So what are you waiting for? Order your pen today!