DOS freeware and shareware CD

In case you like what we're doing here and you would like to support us.. buy us a coffee... Thanks! ;-) Since I strongly believe in "giving is receiving" I'd love to give you a DOS freeware & shareware CD as a return gift. I really do hope to do you a favour by making this collection available via digital download.

Full name: Panasix DOS software CD v4.2 - Freeware and shareware collection for DOS
Contains: programs, utilities, compression programs (tons!), programming files and utilities, zip-, arc- and arj utilities, fonts (including Klingon!), and so on ... These are now very hard to find programs, some dating back to the 80's and early 90's (and still doing a nifty job!!), but there is also a lot of more recent stuff (up to 2001). Scroll down and click on the DOS software CD contents button to see the contents of the disc.

A digital download will set you back 6 (six) Euro. That's two cups of coffee or a nice contribution. Thank you!!! Please take note that in case you are only interested in one or two programs and cash is a bit tight you should drop me a line (via the contact page) and tell me which programs you want. I will email them to you for free (really, you're welcome!).

You can pay with a creditcard or PayPal. I will send you the download link and password within 48 hours (normally it will be rather within a couple of hours, but just to be sure I prefer to promise "within 48 hours", and yep I'm just a one man band ;-)

DOS software CD contents

Price : 6 Euro or 7 Dollar with digital download

This DOS freeware and shareware programs CD contains hundreds of programs and utilities of which many are very hard to find. It will take you quite a while to explore the entire CD, which is fun! Have a look at the contents files and you'll see what I mean.