List of essential Commodore Amiga software

The Amiga is a family of personal computers that was sold by Commodore in the 1980s and 1990s. The first model was launched in 1985 as a high-end home computer and became popular for its impressive graphical, audio and multi-tasking abilities. This is a an overview of not so hard to find but oh so essential software for the Commodore Amiga computers. I have created this page merely to be of help. Don't write if you are looking for a program... I'm afraid I don't have them anymore (unfortunately). I sincerely hope these filenames and descriptions will be of help and that they may be of use to you. These are the files that can be quite handy when you use a Commodore Amiga emulator or if you bought a second hand one somewhere: (go on the net and search for the names or descriptions... you will certainly find the file to download somewhere!)

Essential Amiga software list LhaArc version 1.02 for Amiga

BURNGUI: *FREE* MUI GUI for LHA, LZX, ZIP, DMS, UUxT by Pedro Luis Mieza. Version 1.0 Features: * Compress and Decompress LZX, LHA, ZIP, UUxT files * Locale support * Copy and Delete files * Compress, test, decompress DMS files.

HA0.999beta: HA ARCHIVER This is a port of ha0.999beta an archiver written by harri hirvola.

LAZI 1.1: LAZi is a graphic interface for the archive utilities LZ, Lharc, Arc, and Zoo. You supply the archive utilities. LAZi will add, delete, extract, and update single or multiple files.

LHARC 1.30: Lharc is an archive program such as Arc and Zoo. It can store several files in one archive in a compressed form which is generally more efficent than that used by Arc and Zoo.

LHASFX 1.2: LhASFX sole purpose in life is to create SFX-archives. A SFX-archive is a normal LhA archive with a special executable SFX-header prepended to it.

LHUNARC: version 0.96 Fast .LZH extractor for the Amiga Written by Jonathan Forbes

SHRINK 1.1: Shrink is a new archiver for the Commodore-Amiga computer similar to LHA, lharc or zoo. It is not as fast as LHA, but compression rate is better than the rate of all these other archivers. Written by Matthias Meixner

UNACE: version 1.1c Dearchiver for .ACE files

UnARJ V2.41: Amiga-Port V1.04 - works with patternmatching now extract to specified dirs and more.

UnRAR 2.50: RAR archiver.

UNTAR v37.1: UnTAR is a small and simple program to use TAR (Tape ARchive) extractor, using the Amiga command line style. UnTAR also can also handle archives compressed by gzip.