Christopher Walken

Christopher Walken films and short biography

Ronald Walken (born March 31, 1943), known professionally as Christopher Walken, American actor, screenwriter, and director who has appeared in more than 100 films and television shows, including The Deer Hunter, Annie Hall, The Prophecy trilogy, The Dogs of War, Brainstorm, The Dead Zone, A View to a Kill, True Romance, Pulp Fiction, Catch Me If You Can, and Seven Psychopaths, as well as music videos by many popular recording artists. Walken has received a number of awards and nominations during his career, including winning the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor in 1978.

Walken's films have grossed more than $1 billion in the United States. He has also played the lead in the Shakespeare plays Hamlet, Macbeth, Romeo and Juliet, and Coriolanus. He is a popular guest-host of Saturday Night Live, having hosted seven times as of April 2008. His most notable roles on the show include record producer Bruce Dickinson (no relation to the singer with the same name) in the "More Cowbell" sketch and his multiple appearances as The Continental. Walken debuted as a film director and script writer with the short film Popcorn Shrimp in 2001. He also wrote and acted the main role in a play about Elvis Presley titled Him, in 1995 (source:


1966 Barefoot in Athens
1969 Three Musketeers, TheThe Three Musketeers
1969 Me and My Brother
1971 Anderson Tapes, TheThe Anderson Tapes
1972 Happiness Cage, TheThe Happiness Cage
1975 Valley Forge
1976 Next Stop, Greenwich Village
1977 Sentinel, TheThe Sentinel
1977 Annie Hall
1977 Roseland
1978 Shoot the Sun Down
1978 Deer Hunter, TheThe Deer Hunter
1979 Last Embrace
1980 Heaven's Gate
1981 Dogs of War, TheThe Dogs of War
1981 Pennies from Heaven
1983 Who Am I This Time?
1983 Brainstorm
1983 Dead Zone, TheThe Dead Zone
1985 View to a Kill, AA View to a Kill
1986 At Close Range
1987 Deadline
1988 Milagro Beanfield War, TheThe Milagro Beanfield War
1988 Biloxi Blues
1988 Puss in Boots
1988 Homeboy
1989 Communion
1990 King of New York
1990 Comfort of Strangers, TheThe Comfort of Strangers
1991 Sarah, Plain and Tall
1991 McBain
1992 Mistress
1992 Batman Returns
1992 Day of Atonement
1992 All-American Murder
1993 Scam
1993 Skylark
1993 True Romance
1993 Wayne's World 2
1994 Business Affair, AA Business Affair
1994 Pulp Fiction
1995 Nick of Time
1995 Prophecy, TheThe Prophecy
1995 Addiction, TheThe Addiction
1995 Things to Do in Denver When You're Dead
1995 Search and Destroy
1995 Wild Side
1996 Last Man Standing
1996 Celluloide
1996 Basquiat
1996 Funeral, TheThe Funeral
1997 Excess Baggage
1997 Suicide Kings
1997 MouseHunt
1997 Touch
1998 Prophecy II, TheThe Prophecy II
1998 Illuminata
1998 New Rose Hotel
1998 Trance
1998 Antz
1999 Sleepy Hollow
1999 Kiss Toledo Goodbye
1999 Sarah, Plain and Tall: Winter's End
1999 Vendetta
1999 Blast from the Past
2000 Prophecy 3: The Ascent, TheThe Prophecy 3: The Ascent
2000 Opportunists, TheThe Opportunists
2001 Joe Dirt
2001 Affair of the Necklace, TheThe Affair of the Necklace
2001 America's Sweethearts
2001 Scotland, Pa.
2001 Popcorn Shrimp
2001 Jungle Juice
2001 Country Bears, TheThe Country Bears
2002 Catch Me If You Can
2002 Undertaking Betty
2002 Engine Trouble
2002 Poolhall Junkies
2002 Julius Caesar
2003 Kangaroo Jack
2003 Rundown, TheThe Rundown
2003 Gigli
2004 Envy
2004 Stepford Wives, TheThe Stepford Wives
2004 Around the Bend
2004 Man on Fire
2005 Wedding Crashers
2005 Domino
2006 Romance and Cigarettes
2006 Click
2006 Man of the Year
2006 Fade to Black
2007 Hairspray
2007 Balls of Fury
2008 Evil Calls: The Raven
2008 Five Dollars a Day
2009 Maiden Heist, TheThe Maiden Heist
2010 Life's a Beach
2011 Kill the Irishman
2011 Dark Horse
2012 Seven Psychopaths
2012 A Late Quartet
2013 Stand Up Guys
2013 The Power of Few
2013 Gods Behaving Badly
2014 Jersey Boys
2014 Turks & Caicos


1953 The Wonderful John Acton
1954 The Motorola Television Hour
1954 The Guiding Light
1963 Naked City
1970 Hawaii Five-O
1977 Kojak


1952 The Climate of Eden - Berton
1958 The Visit - Karl Schill
1964 High Spirits - musical ensemble
1965 Baker Street - One of the Killers
1966 The Lion in Winter - Philip Capet
1966 The Rose Tattoo - Jack Hunter
1967 The Unknown Soldier and His Wife - Unknown Soldier
1972 Enemies - Sintsov
1973 The Plough and the Stars - Jack Clitheroe
1973 The Merchant of Venice - Bassanio
1975 Sweet Bird of Youth - Chance Wayne
1984 Hurlyburly - Mickey
1995 Him - Elvis Presley
2000 James Joyce's The Dead - Gabriel Conroy
2001 The Seagull - Sorin
2010 A Behanding in Spokane - Carmichael