Save money with cheaper loans

Save money with cheaper loans Pay less interest

Save money with cheaper loans

Nothing as fancy as cheap credit ;-) Let's discuss borrowing money. First tip: pay your loans in time and correctly. Avoid paying credit on credit.. don't! Avoid costs of registered letters and the hassle of nasty people knocking on your door to collect back payments.

Do you have one or several loans (not mortgage loans) at the moment? Are these long term loans or short term loans? You could consider putting several loans together and create a new loan with better loan conditions (so called loan consolidation). You could use the internet to compare loan costs and compare several banks and institutions that offer cheap loans through debt consolidation. I'm sure that there is a reasonable chance you will get good offers. For many people it is much more comfortable to pay one sum per month to one institution or bank with instead of all these different payments to several organizations with different end dates.

The better loan conditions (= better credit rate) is a very important bonus! Take a look and see if you have credit card debts. The credit rates on credit cards can be quite high. If I am not mistaken it is one of the most expensive credit facilities. You could consider paying this one off first or add it to a new consolidated loan with better credit conditions. It is obvious that

I can't or won't advice you what to do regarding loan consolidation or fixing credit problems. You should contact a financial advisor or financial expert before making these important decisions. I am merely explaining the things I did and which resulted in better loans, lower credit rates and smaller payments. Oh yes, at internet loan compare websites you will also find much advice and many tips to re-arrange your financial situation. In my personal experience a personal loan was the most expensive form of money lending, while a mortgage loan will in most cases have the lowest interest rate because of the type of credit.

When you consider loan consolidation: have a free look at the different online loan comparisation websites or sites of institutions that carry 'loan cheap' in their slogans and compare carefully before making a decision. In case of doubt or when you don't have any experience with this, contact an advisor who could help you through the process. Another thing I did: I tried budget control. Every six months I look at the list I made with foreseen costs for holidays, restaurant visits, media, etc.. and I attach a budget to each and every one. Obviously the key thing is to stick to the budget.

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