Cheap electricity bills

cheaper gas bills and cheaper electricity bills

Compare gas & electricity prizes

Fourth tip and I can be very short with this one. What can I say? Energy is very expensive. When you look at your expenditure list (and your budget list if you made one) you will see that gas and electricity take a serious bite in your yearly budget.

I don't know which gas and electricity suppliers that are operating in your country or area, but I am sure that there will be some competition. And this means that you could go online and compare electricity prices, but don't forget to read all the small print and conditions. Ask professional advice when in doubt.

You can also visit the web to do some gas price comparison. Many companies offer special prizes for the first year or so. Read the proposals carefully and don't make hasty decisions. You could also look at alternative means of energy and in that case you should certainly not forget to see how much time it will take to get return on investment. Friends of mine whent for solar energy.

They are quite young and a return on investment after ten years or so isn't a problem for them. For my neighbors of 78 and 84 that might be a different story ;-) Gas and electricity have always been rather expensive in my country for as far as I can remember.

I compared gas prizes and save around 10% on my monthly bill. I also compared electricity prizes and save 6% on a yearly bases. That is great, and a fine example of making money without very much effort. Which reminds me: my partner and I stopped smoking. We save enough for two great vacation breaks every year. Ketsjing! ;-)