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Shahnour Varinag Aznavourian (also Varenagh or Vaghinag) better known by his stage name Charles Aznavour born 22 May 1924, OC OQ French and Armenian singer, songwriter, actor, public activist and diplomat. Besides being one of France's most popular and enduring singers, he is also one of the best-known singers in the world. Aznavour is known for his unique tenor voice: clear and ringing in its upper reaches, with gravelly and profound low notes. He has appeared in more than sixty movies, composed about a thousand songs (including at least 150 in English, 100 in Italian, 70 in Spanish, and 50 in German), and sold well over 100 million records. In 1998, Aznavour was named Entertainer of the Century by CNN and users of Time Online from around the globe. He was recognized as the century's outstanding performer, with nearly 18% of the total vote, edging out Elvis Presley and Bob Dylan. He has sung for presidents, popes and royalty, as well as at humanitarian events, and is the founder of the charitable organization Aznavour for Armenia along with his long-time friend impresario Levon Sayan.

In 2009, he was appointed ambassador of Armenia to Switzerland, as well as Armenia's permanent delegate to the United Nations at Geneva. He started his new Aznavour en Toute Intimite tour in 2011 (source:

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List of all the albums by Charles Aznavour

1958 Believe in Me !
1962 The Time Is Now
1965 His Love Songs in English
1967 His Kind of Love Songs
1969 Of Flesh and Soul - Charles Aznavour Sings In English
1970 A Man's Life: Charles Aznavour
1972 The Old Fashioned Way
1974 A Tapestry of Dreams
1974 I Sing For... You
1978 We Were Happy Then
1978 A Private Christmas
1983 I'll Be There
1995 You and Me

1953 Charles Aznavour chante Charles Aznavour, no 1
1955 Charles Aznavour chante Charles Aznavour, no 2
1956 Charles Aznavour chante Charles Aznavour, no 3
1957 Bravos du music-hall a Charles Aznavour
1958 C'est ca
1960 Les deux guitares
1960 Je m'voyais deja
1961 Il faut savoir
1962 Alleluia
1963 Qui ?
1963 La mamma
1964 Charles Aznavour, vol. 1
1964 Charles Aznavour, vol. 2
1964 fr:Charles Aznavour Accompagne Par Paul Mauriat Et Son Orchestre
1964 Charles Aznavour, vol. 3
1965 Aznavour 65
1966 La boheme
1966 De t'avoir aimee
1967 Entre deux reves
1968 J'aime Charles Aznavour, vol. 4
1969 Desormais
1971 Non, je n'ai rien oublie
1972 Idiote je t'aime
1973 Charles Aznavour raconte aux enfants... Le geant egoiste
1974 Visages de l'amour
1975 Hier encore
1976 Voila que tu reviens
1978 Je n'ai pas vu le temps passer
1978 Un enfant est ne
1980 Autobiographie
1982 Je fais comme si
1982 Une premiere danse
1983 Charles chante Aznavour et Dimey
1986 Aznavour (Embrasse-moi)
1987 Aznavour (Je bois)
1989 L'eveil, vol. 1
1989 L'elan, vol. 2
1989 L'envol, vol. 3
1991 Aznavour 92
1994 Toi et moi
1996 Pierre Roche / Charles Aznavour
1997 Plus bleu
1998 Jazznavour
2000 Aznavour 2000
2003 Je voyage
2005 Insolitement votre
2007 Colore ma vie
2008 Duos
2009 Charles Aznavour and The Clayton Hamilton Jazz Orchestra
2011 Aznavour toujours