The Best Gift to Make Up for Forgetting Your Anniversary

The Best Gift to Make Up for Forgetting Your Anniversary

If you have forgotten the date of your anniversary...

A survey has found that almost half of the men do not remember the date of their wedding anniversary. The study observes that such forgetful men under the age of 25 comprise 62%, while men above 55 comprise about a third of the ones to forget their anniversary most often! On the other hand, one can understand why women are furious when their spouse forgets their anniversary because a good 63% of the women have the date etched on their heart, the survey says. So, what should you do if you too are guilty of being absentminded?

As Soon as You Remember

Man forgetting the anniversary often makes the woman feel uncared for or taken for granted. Given that you usually remember a major football league game any day. The best thing if you have missed the date is not to panic. As soon as you remember that you've done it again, think of how you can best seek forgiveness. One thing you can do is look up trusted online jewelry stores that offer the latest collection, such as Union Diamond, which gives you a wide variety of diamond bracelets. So, you could choose a sophisticated diamond tennis bracelet, which features 71 prong set round diamonds in a basket style setting. There are white gold diamond bracelets for men and women in Georgia, Atlanta, or you could choose from yellow or rose gold or a platinum base. With a warranty for a lifetime, your wife would never be able to stay furious at you whenever she takes a look at the exquisite piece of jewelry and it didn't even burn a hole in your pocket!

Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend

Show her you love her by organizing a surprise gathering of her close friends. After all, forgetting the actual date does not mean that you cannot celebrate on another day. As important as it is for you to ensure that the venue is just right for the occasion, it is equally important to get a special gift for the occasion. The best part is that you don't need to put in any effort at all to make the gift extra special. Just go online and check out the beautiful selection of cross bangle bracelets, tennis bracelets and other diamond bracelets and choose the one you know she will love. You could even make it personal by customizing the bracelet. This way she will have something that is unique and well worth waiting for the celebration.

Make it Personal in White Gold

White gold diamond bracelet for men and women in Georgia, Atlanta could make for a special his and hers gift. Maybe you could even get them etched with the date of the anniversary so that you never forget it again! Women love to hear those three words over and over again. Why not engrave the inside of the bracelet with a quote that says how much you love her or the words of 'your song?' There is a lot you can do make the gift extra special without having to go over-budget. All you need to do is check the huge variety available online.