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Beatles Discography : 1965

In their native United Kingdom during 1962-1970, The Beatles released 12 studio albums, 13 EPs, and 22 singles. However, the band's international discography is complicated, due to different versions of their albums sometimes being released in other countries, particularly during their early years on Capitol Records in the United States.

Although their output has come to include vault items and remixed mash-ups, the core Beatles discography recorded during the 1960s is 217 tracks and approximately ten hours of music. Most of The Beatles' albums were released in both mono and stereo. Since mono record players were the most common at the time, The Beatles and their regular producer George Martin gave more time and attention to preparing mono mixes of their recordings. The Beatles had only involved themselves in creating the mono mixes for the first four albums; the stereo mixes were prepared without their supervision. However, because by the late '60s stereo record players became more common, their final two albums - Abbey Road and Let It Be - were mixed and released in stereo only (source:

The Beatles USA discography

This is part 3 of a list of albums that the Beatles released in the USA (United States of America), with a tracklist (list of album songs) of each Beatles record.

The Early Beatles

Label: Capitol T 2309 (Mono)/ST 2309 (Stereo)
Released: 22 March 1965
Love Me Do
Twist and Shout
Anna (Go to Him)
Ask Me Why
Please Please Me
P.S. I Love You
Baby It's You
A Taste of Honey
Do You Want to Know a Secret

Beatles VI

Label: Capitol T 2358 (Mono)/ST 2358 (Stereo)
Released: 14 June 1965
Kansas City/Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey
Eight Days a Week
You Like Me Too Much
Bad Boy
I Don't Want to Spoil the Party
Words of Love
What You're Doing
Yes It Is
Dizzy Miss Lizzy
Tell Me What You See
Every Little Thing


Label: Capitol MAS 2386 (Mono)/SMAS 2386 (Stereo)
Released: 13 August 1965
Help! (with James Bond Theme intro)
The Night Before
From Me to You Fantasy (Instrumental)
You've Got to Hide Your Love Away
I Need You
In the Tyrol (Instrumental)
Another Girl
Another Hard Day's Night (Instrumental)
Ticket to Ride
The Bitter End/You Can't Do That (Instrumental)
You're Gonna Lose That Girl
The Chase (Instrumental)

Beatles USA Albums Part Four

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