DVD Movie for sale: A PAITED HOUSE

DVD Movie for sale: A PAITED HOUSE

Welcome to my DVD garage sale :-) I have been collecting DVD's for years and finally decided to make some space for new additions.
Brand new! (NEW!) PAL DVD - Region Code 2 - Language: English - Subtitle on/off: Dutch

Plot: John Grisham's well-received "lawyer-free" novel was respectfully adapted by Patrick Sheane Duncan (Mr. Holland's Opus), and director Alfonso Arau (Like Water for Chocolate, A Walk in the Clouds) brings just the right touch of toughness and delicate nostalgia to Grisham's semi-autobiographical remembrance of boyhood in rural Arkansas, circa 1952. Grisham's alter ego is 10-year-old Luke Chandler (well played by Logan Lerman), and when tempers flare into violence between the Mexican migrant workers and itinerant "hill people" hired to harvest cotton on his grandfather's farm, Luke--who has witnessed a murder--must decide whether to expose the killer or keep the crime a secret.

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Actors: Scott Glenn, Arija Bareikis, Robert Sean Leonard, Melinda Dillon, Logan Lerman
- Director: Alfonso Arau
- Studio: Lions Gate
- DVD Release Date: October 21, 2003
- Run Time: 98 minutes
Brand new! (NEW!) PAL DVD Regio Code 2 Language: English - Subtitle on/off: Dutch

Price: sold

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