Movie for sale: AN IDEAL HUSBAND

Movie for sale: AN IDEAL HUSBAND

This is the Oscar Wilde play, but updated into a present day setting. Most of the dialog remains true to the play. Robert Chiltern (James WIlby) is that rare thing, an honest politician--or so it seems. Years earlier he had made a profit on inside knowledge of a government project. He has been honest ever since. Unfortunately for him, Mrs. Chevely (Sadie Frost) has evidence proving his past dishonesty, and she's willing to use it to get what she wants. Chiltern is most afraid his wife--a real goody goody-- will leave him when she finds out. What to do? Helping him is his idle friend Arther, Lord Goring, played by Jonathan Firth. Firth is a talented actor who shouldn't be stuck in his brother's shadow. The plot twists and turns in clever ways. There is a sweet romantic subplot for Firth's character. Wilby and Frost are good as advesaries. Overall, it is a pleasant, entertaining bit of fun. Not too deep; not destined for your top ten favorite films ever list, but very enjoyable.
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James Wilby ... Sir Robert Chiltern -
Sadie Frost ... Mrs. Laura Cheveley -
Jonathan Firth ... Lord Arthur Goring -
Trevyn McDowell ... Lady Gertrude Chiltern -
Robert Hardy ... Lord Caversham -
Karen Hayley ... Mabel Chiltern -
Prunella Scales ... Lady Markby -
Tyler Butterworth ... Phipps, Arthur's Valet -
Tamara Beckwith ... Margaret Marchmont

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