Advanced Bash-Scripting Guide

38.5. Credits

Community participation made this project possible. The author gratefully acknowledges that writing this book would have been unthinkable without help and feedback from all you people out there.

"bojster," "nyal," "Hobbit," "Ender," "Little Monster" (Alexis), "Mark," "Patsie," "vladz," Peggy Russell, Emilio Conti, Ian. D. Allen, Hans-Joerg Diers, Arun Giridhar, Dennis Leeuw, Dan Jacobson, Aurelio Marinho Jargas, Edward Scholtz, Jean Helou, Chris Martin, Lee Maschmeyer, Bruno Haible, Wilbert Berendsen, Sebastien Godard, Bjön Eriksson, John MacDonald, John Lange, Joshua Tschida, Troy Engel, Manfred Schwarb, Amit Singh, Bill Gradwohl, E. Choroba, David Lombard, Jason Parker, Steve Parker, Bruce W. Clare, William Park, Vernia Damiano, Mihai Maties, Mark Alexander, Jeremy Impson, Ken Fuchs, Jared Martin, Frank Wang, Sylvain Fourmanoit, Matthew Sage, Matthew Walker, Kenny Stauffer, Filip Moritz, Andrzej Stefanski, Daniel Albers, Jeffrey Haemer, Stefano Palmeri, Nils Radtke, Sigurd Solaas, Serghey Rodin, Jeroen Domburg, Alfredo Pironti, Phil Braham, Bruno de Oliveira Schneider, Stefano Falsetto, Chris Morgan, Walter Dnes, Linc Fessenden, Michael Iatrou, Pharis Monalo, Jesse Gough, Fabian Kreutz, Mark Norman, Harald Koenig, Dan Stromberg, Peter Knowles, Francisco Lobo, Mariusz Gniazdowski, Sebastian Arming, Chetankumar Phulpagare, Benno Schulenberg, Tedman Eng, Jochen DeSmet, Juan Nicolas Ruiz, Oliver Beckstein, Achmed Darwish, Dotan Barak, Richard Neill, Albert Siersema, Omair Eshkenazi, Geoff Lee, Graham Ewart, JuanJo Ciarlante, Cliff Bamford, Nathan Coulter, Ramses Rodriguez Martinez, Evgeniy Ivanov, Craig Barnes, George Dimitriu, Kevin LeBlanc, Antonio Macchi, Tomas Pospisek, David Wheeler, Erik Brandsberg, YongYe, Andreas Kühne, Pádraig Brady, Joseph Steinhauser, and David Lawyer (himself an author of four HOWTOs).

My gratitude to Chet Ramey and Brian Fox for writing Bash, and building into it elegant and powerful scripting capabilities rivaling those of ksh.

Very special thanks to the hard-working volunteers at the Linux Documentation Project. The LDP hosts a repository of Linux knowledge and lore, and has, to a great extent, enabled the publication of this book.

Thanks and appreciation to IBM, Red Hat, Google, the Free Software Foundation, and all the good people fighting the good fight to keep Open Source software free and open.

Belated thanks to my fourth grade teacher, Miss Spencer, for emotional support and for convincing me that maybe, just maybe I wasn't a total loss.

Thanks most of all to my wife, Anita, for her encouragement, inspiration, and emotional support.