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Budget Hotels in Leeds

What You Need to Know for Seeking to Graduate from Leeds University

Did you know that Leeds University spends millions of pounds on research grants? In fact, in financial year 2013-2014, the University spent 134.3 million Pounds on research grants and contracts, according to the institute's official site. This marked a significant jump over the 120.9 million Pounds spent in the previous year. This is not the only reason that this educational institute is iconic for students from across the globe.

Growing Popularity
Hundreds of thousands of students travel from all over the world each year for high quality education in the UK. Practically nothing can deter them from adding this feature to their caps. Fortunately, there are good facilities available for affordable transportation and accommodation. They seek accommodation in budget hotels in Leeds like Holiday Inn Express Leeds East, which offer comfort and convenience at a very reasonable cost.

History of the University of Leeds
Established in 1904, this University's origin dates back to the founding of the Leeds School of Medicine in the mid nineteenth century. It was named as the Yorkshire College of Science in 1874. During this time, this educational institute was meant only for boys. It was in 1905 that the first woman completed a graduation from here. Soon, the reputation of this University grew and students from across the UK started seeking an education here. By the 1990s, people from every corner of the world, from diverse cultural backgrounds started applying for admission as well as teaching jobs here. Today, people from more than 140 countries seek an education in this reputed institution, which offers courses for more than thirty thousand students.

Getting There
The University campus is situated close to the Leeds city station. This station connects the city with all the main UK cities. The train service is frequent and fast. One can walk from the station to the campus in about 20 minutes. Often folks stay at budget hotels near Leeds University when seeking admission or studying here and simply walk to the institute to save on travel costs. There are also several bus services, which are both efficient and comfortable, from across the country to close to the institute.

Courses Being Offered
There are a host of courses being taught by some of the best academicians in the world. Broadly speaking, these courses fall under the categories of Art, Biological Sciences, Business, Education, Social Sciences and Law, Engineering, Environment, Mathematics and Physical Sciences, Medicine and Health as well as Performance, Visual Arts and Communications. These courses are not only sought after by the students living near Leeds Metropolitan University and Roundhay Park

Offices in Major Cities
The University has offices in major cities across the globe. These office help students identify courses that would be most beneficial for them, provide information about the campus and other facilities and aid with applications.

Getting Started
So, what are you waiting for? Are you considering getting an education from one of the best institutes in the world? The institute's brochure would be able to answer most of your queries. If you decide to visit the campus, find affordable accommodation near Leeds Metropolitan University and Roundhay Park.

Budget Hotels in Leeds