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culturele naaktplakker webspelletje

So you picked Elizabeth Louise Vigee-Le brun. Mmmmmm. You noticed the model had very small breasts and rapidly concluded the painter HAD to be a woman. Why? It's people like you who give too much ammunition to the politcal correctness police in this world.

Elizabeth was a French neoclassical painter who lived from 1755 to 1842. People in the know praise her elegant portraits of French aristocracy (think Queen Marie-Antoinette). Maybe you thought you recognised the naked body of Marie-Antoinette in this painting? Are you that person who is well-known for the inmensely huge collection of famous classic naked paintings on walls and hard discs?

What next ?

I QUIT, apparantly I am sort of a barbaric culture lover ... Bye!

Oh no, I don't quit that fast ! ... Again!