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I created this website in 2001 for myself, to have interesting data and information available at my fingertips in cyberspace. Somewhat of a "cloud storage avant la lettre" if you wish. From the start, I made the entire website freely available to everybody with an internet connection on the planet. Enjoy your stay!


We created a web game at netogram! You have to connect the right artist to the nude painting (yes it contains nudity, but very classy). It is our arty-farty creation, which lifts this website to amazing cultural heights.

FUNGAME (click)

Sometimes we stumble upon stuff that makes us laugh on the web and we gladly put up a link to the website if we think it is amazing enough to share. I'm talking about the "Funny Belgian Press Conferences", which is an English spoken Podcast where two Ministry spokespersons propose a, well, great new idea in each episode. They are rather small (less than five minutes) and we think they are funny. Or silly, actually. You can listen to all episodes on Apple, Google and Spotify and their website is called which says enough :-)

BRAVE SHIT (click)

For our friends at we put up a subdomain which amongst other things gives you the final answer to the question if chickens fart, several funny podcasts and even a commercial for the website.


To do the people from Nelson The Pelson a favour, we setup a subdomain for them ( If you were trying to find Nelsonthepelson productions this is the best clickable link on the internet :-)


For our friends at yespatrick we put up a subdomain. The website yespatrick is in the Dutch-Flemish language and contains funny podcasts and texts.