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These are free video clips that were produced for us by NTP Productions. You can download or watch them online. Please feel free to send them to friends as an attachment to your Email. If you don't know how to attach a video clip, click here to read our FAQ.

These videos are so called viral videos (a video clip that gains widespread popularity through the process of Internet sharing, typically through email or on-line streaming) and they come in three formats:

  • .mpg (Windows videoplayer, Quicktime movieplayer, ...)
  • .wmv (Windows videoplayer)
  • .3gp (3gp players, some mobile phones)

  • but you can also watch them on-line.

    International Day Videoclips

    International Water Day 1: March 22
    International Water Day 2: March 22
    International Firefighters Day: May 4

    Click here for the International Day of Peace, World Aids Day and Human Rights day viral video clips.

    You can also search the net for more information on International Water day and International firefighters day:

    A netogram video clip may ONLY to be used as Email attachment to send a wish or message. You may not, for example, but not limited to: transfer them to VHS or DVD, broadcast them on radio, cable, satellite, TV, mobile phones, sell or rent them, to make money with them in any way, to alter or modify the clip(s) in any way. This clip may only travel on the internet and as an attachment to an Email and/or be played on a personal computer.

    These files can be played with Video Players such as the 'Windows Media Player' (available for Windows, MAC, Pocket PC, and so on) and the Quictime movie player. Maybe you got a version with your O.S., otherwise you can get your free copy at The Microsoft Media Technologies Site.